Thomas Pierce Mudd


I began my journey as an artist in my mid-twenties with the medium of black and white photography. Having no previous artistic education or training, it was through that medium and the generosity of a few special mentors that I learned the fundamentals of form, line and balance within a frame; universal concepts that apply to all visual arts.

In my mid-thirties I began to experiment with small format line and color drawings on paper. This diversion had unexpected consequences. Not really understanding why I bothered to invest the time and material in the watercolors, ink, pen and paper, I realize now that my essential need for color and the need to have my hand directly in the creative process were driving forces in this shift. With my own hand, and the process of constructing-deconstructing-reconstructing I found that I could get to the essence of the image more finely and more efficiently than I could with photography.

I consider myself first an abstractionist and colorist, however I see my recent works straddling a line between the abstract and representation. Exploring this boundary is very exciting for me now. My connection with nature and fascination with the abstract have always been my motivation.

My process is very intuitive. My works evolve. Every action has an influence on future actions. A work therefore is the sum total of all actions, whether or not individual actions survive in the finished work. I call it fortuitous serendipity. The concept of completion is a blurry concept in my work. Typically I live with a work for a period of time before I consider it done.

I prepare my canvases from raw linen hand-stretched and coated with gesso. This allows me the flexibility to customize the scale of the work and allows a more intimate connection with the finished piece.

I live and have my studio in Oakland, CA. Please contact me directly for more information.

Thomas Pierce MUDD

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